Welcome To Schweppes Holdings Africa Limited


We are committed to leading Sustainable Business.

Our Business

Schweppes Holdings Africa Limited is a leading manufacturer and distributer of liquid food and beverages. Currently its foot print extends across the Southern Africa Region. The business has been built over many decades through mergers and acquisition, organic growth and exports.

Our Beverage Business

Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited is a leading manufacturer and distributor of non-carbonated still beverages under licence from The Coca-Cola Company. The product portfolio currently includes well renowned brands in the following categories – cordials, fruit juices and bottled water. 

Our Processing Business

Beit Bridge Juicing Private Limited (BBJ) is a manufacturer and processor of fruits into juice concentrates and other related bi-products such as fruit oils, fruit essences and beverage bases, the main product range includes orange, grape fruit, passion fruit, lemon and lime concentrates which are supplied as inputs to food and beverage manufacturers. 


Sustainability Report 2018

“The future lies in our hands and is anchored by our people across the group.”